General Information

General Information

Before travelling to a destination like China, it is normal that many doubts arise. We'll try to answer the most common questions:

Useful Information

Beijing in numbers

Counting both residents and non-residents, Beijing has a population of 22 million. It is the second-most populous city in China after Shanghai.

Trip length

Beijing is a very large and vibrant city, so setting a maximum number of days is difficult. The minimum stay should be 4 days. You can see more about how to plan your stay in our itinerary.

Public Bathrooms

Beijing is a city full of free public toilets that can come in handy.

Plugs and sockets

Chinese plugs are different from European ones. Most hotels (around 99%) have plugs of various types so that there are no problems. You don't have to worry.

Business Hours

Business hours in Beijing are quite long and it is usually not a problem to find shops open. In addition to the small 24-hour shops, large shopping malls are usually open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Useful telephone numbers

  • China Prefix: 0086
  • Beijing Prefix: 010
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120, 999
  • Traffic accidents: 122