Silk Market

Silk Market

The Silk Market is the preferred place for tourists interested in getting fake designer clothing, jewellery, bags and all kinds of objects.

The Silk Market is a five-storey shopping centre where items are crowded into more than 1,700 small stalls.

Among thousands of good imitations, and others not so good, you'll find that the employees are very keen to sell their items amongst the busy crowds. 

The imitation paradise

The market is a large shopping centre that can be a paradise for shoppers who like to haggle but can become a real hell for those who prefer the convenience of fixed prices.

As in the vast majority of places in Beijing, at first, they'll propose an absurdly high price but don't stop yourself from haggling, as in most cases this price can be up to ten times what they are willing to accept.


Every day: 9 am to 9 pm.


Metro: Yong'anli, line 1.

Nearby places

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