What to do

What to do

Watch a kung Fu show, explore the Beijing Opera House, hike along one of the most interesting sections of the Great Wall. These are some of the most popular things to do in Beijing:

Touring the Hutongs

Exploring the ancient streets of the city without rushing is the best way to get to know the charming side of Beijing. As you walk through the famous Hutongs you'll have the chance to see the locals going about their daily activities away from the hustle and bustle of the big avenues. You can walk around them or take a tour in a rickshaw.

See a Kung Fu show

Kung Fu is one of the best known Chinese martial arts worldwide. It's quite a spectacle to see the Shaolin monks fighting while performing impressive movements.

Enjoy an acrobatic show

Chinese acrobats are capable of the most surprising stunts which, combined with the best choreography, a spectacular mix of lights, costumes and music creates a striking show.

Get to know the Beijing Opera

Chinese opera is a comprehensive artistic expression that combines singing with dialogue, acrobatics and martial arts inspiring deep feelings.

Hiking in Simatai

For those who enjoy an outdoor adventure, nothing can be more rewarding than touring the rugged terrain of one of the most interesting stretches of the Great Wall of China.

The stretch between Simatai and Jinshanling is one of the steepest and most complicated to travel along.

Riding a boat on the lakes

Beijing has beautiful lakes where you can enjoy a tranquil wander or a relaxing boat ride. The best options for this activity are Beihai Park and Lake Houhai.

Meet the pandas at the Beijing Zoo

Founded in 1906, the Beijing Zoo is one of the oldest in China and has a large number of animals endemic to the country.

The zoo has a collection of over 14,500 animals including panda bears and sharks.

See the curious amusement park in Beijing

The Beijing Amusement Park was inaugurated in 1986 and is the cause of great controversy because its characters and constructions are unauthorized copies of those of Disney, Warner Bros and others.