Rickshaws in Beijing

Rickshaws in Beijing

Beijing is one of the largest cities in the world and no matter where you stay, you'll need to use public transport to get to the various points of interest.

The rickshaw is a two or three-wheeled vehicle used traditionally in Asian cities, that has become a tourist attraction today. The word comes from Japanese and means "human-powered vehicle".

Although physically they are the same, in Beijing you can find two types of rickshaw, those that go around the Hutongs and those that serve as a means of transport.

Hutong Tour

The rickshaws that ride around the hutongs are pedal-operated and are one of the best ways to tour this location. The price of a 50-minute hutong tour varies. You'll be asked for 300 or 400 yuan for the ride, but you can get it for 80 yuan and less.

Please note that most tours will try to stop you at traditional houses or other places and you'll have to pay separately the sum of about ¥ 20 (US$ 2.80). You decide where you want to go and where you don't.

Transport Rickshaws

These rickshaws are electric and are an alternative to taxis, although they don't usually make long journeys. The price you have to pay for a ride is similar to what a taxi would cost you. For example, from Tian'anmen to the Silk Market, an acceptable price would be 30 yuan.