Wangfujing Street Market

The Wangfujing street market gives you an insight into the livery and vibrant market atmosphere in Beijing, where it's possible to find the most peculiar snacks.

Located in the city centre, Wangfujing is one of Beijing's most famous shopping streets. The lively shopper's paradise is full of department stores, souvenir shops and all types of food ranging from McDonald's to luxury restaurants. 

The most delicious delicacies

As evening begins the north end of the market becomes a vibrant hub. Dozens of stalls steam up as they cook their tasty skewers in a variety of flavours. You'll see all sorts from fried scorpion and snake kebab to more mainstream pork kebabs and dumplings. 

These exotic appetizers aren't as common as stereotypically perceived but they're a popular tourist attraction. Many enjoy daring to sample the more peculiar snacks such as spider, scorpion or starfish. 


Subway: Wangfujing, line 1.

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