Where to stay in Beijing

Where to stay in Beijing

The price range of hotels in Beijing varies from surprisingly cheap to extremely expensive.

If you want to sleep cheaply in Beijing, you will find double rooms for less than 20 euro a night.

Best places to sleep in Beijing

Beijing is a huge city and no matter where your hotel is located, you'll need to take public transport for almost everything. The whole city centre is very lively so you'll find shops and restaurants on most streets.

Our favourite areas to stay in Beijing are around Wangfujing (Wangfujing subway), the Silk Market (Yong'anli subway) and all of Jianguomen Avenue, which connects these two places.

Having a metro stop nearby is always a good idea, although the most common thing is to use taxis, which are comfortable and very cheap.

How to book a hotel in Beijing at the best price

To find the best hotel deals in Beijing we recommend using our search engine, booking in advance you can get discounts of up to 70%. Payment is made at the hotel and can be cancelled up to the day before (depending on the hotel). The best price is always guaranteed.


Traditional hotels

If you're looking for a different kind of accommodation, in Beijing you'll find many hotels nicknamed "courtyard". These hotels are traditional accommodations located in the famous hutongs and are composed of several rooms around an inner courtyard. We could compare them to the riads in Marrakech or the ryokan in Tokyo.

Apartments in Beijing

Tourist apartments are becoming increasingly popular and many people prefer them to hotels. By using our search engine you'll find apartments all over the world.


Hostels in Beijing

If you're travelling alone, in a group or simply want to sleep in the most economical way, looking for a hostel room can be the best option. In Beijing, you'll find beds in shared rooms from 3 (US$ 3.20).

A highly recommended page is HostelWorld