When is the best time to travel to China? Is it very hot in Beijing in summer? Is it cold in winter?

Beijing has a continental climate characterised by cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers.

Beijing in summer

Summers in Beijing are usually characterised by high temperatures that exceed 30ºC and don't fall below 22ºC.

During the summer, unlike the colder months, the probability of rain is very high because of the monsoons.

Beijing in winter

Winters in Beijing are cold with little chance of rain. Minimum temperatures easily drop to minus 5°C and hardly exceed 12°C.

During the winter months, it's common for the fog to cover almost the entire city and merge with air pollution. Despite the low temperatures, the winter months are quite dry and snowfall is rare.

Best time to travel to Beijing

The best seasons to travel to Beijing are spring and autumn, that way you can avoid the most extreme temperatures and abundant summer rains.