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Are you planning a trip to Beijing? We can help you! With Introducing Beijing you'll find updated information on what to see, where to stay and where to eat.

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and forms the cultural, political, and social heart of the country. It's a vibrant and energetic city in constant evolution and development while maintaining its traditional character.

Beijing is a city of contrasts where modern skyscrapers stand majestically alongside the small traditional houses located in the city's ancient Hutongs.

Why visit Beijing?

The Far East is a magical and peculiar place where every detail ignites curiosity for its visitors. Beijing is a city wrapped in myths and legends that leaves behind a past marked by emperors of divine descent and luxurious fairytale palaces.

During your visit to Beijing, you can enter the Forbidden City, the fortress from which the emperors ruled for over 500 years, and other historical sites such as the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. Beijing is also the ideal starting point to discover one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China.

Communism is a movement that is still very present in Beijing and many citizens remember the time of Chairman Mao, to whom they pay tribute in his mausoleum located in Tiananmen, the largest square in the world.

Although Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world, many of its citizens still live in small houses located in the traditional Hutongs, which are a spectacle for its visitors.

The city of Beijing is not just red lanterns, small temples, traditional houses, and skyscrapers. The capital has many sides, manifested by some citizens who have the habit of spitting, screaming, pushing, and sneaking. In any case, these details also define tourism in Beijing.

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Introducing Beijing

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